Barona service solutions – helping our clients to successfully implement demanding change initiatives

Barona Solutions is concentrated on designing outsourcing solutions and providing change management and outsourced services. Our task is to help our clients to successfully implement demanding change initiatives. We fulfil this task by combining the versatile HR expertise in the personnel services with competence from the business area, with our experience from implementing demanding change initiatives, and with agile and client-oriented service production processes.

Versatile HR expertise combined with our change management experience yields controlled structural changes without forgetting the personnel aspect

We can operate as a comprehensive service provider even in the most demanding change initiatives. Our view is that when assessing the risk related to an outsourcing decision, there is more than just the procurement of the outsourced service and the high-quality performance of the subcontractor. In addition to the issues mentioned above, the change situations are usually accompanied by questions about, for example, the changes in the personnel structure of the client company, image risk management, and the effects of the changes on other actors and stakeholders of the value chain. By combining the entire service offering and expertise of the Barona Group, we can provide comprehensive support for changing situations concerning change and take the personnel aspect into consideration.

What is the optimal personnel solution for your organisation?

Is outsourcing the right solution for my company? What can we do in our organisation in advance? Should we outsource all activities or just overflow? How can we improve organisational flexibility in other ways? These are typical questions for which genuinely well-founded answers must be found before making the decision on outsourcing.

You are also welcome to utilise our expertise in situations where determining the optimal overall solution is not self-evident. Determining the optimal personnel solution is influenced by a number of factors, such as the nature, amount, and predictability of work, the current personnel solution model and its flexibility, objectives and strategy of your organisation, quality requirements of the end customers, and non-material risks related to implementing the changes. When more facts are required to support the decision-making, we offer a consulting service whose objective is to determine the personnel solution entities suitable for the needs of each organisation.

We support our clients throughout the change process

Finding the genuinely best overall solution for each client requires an in-depth understanding of the client's total value chain, strategic guidelines, and other parameters controlling the company's operations. According to our experience, the most important factor in successfully implementing a structural change is specifying the analysis and objectives of the initial situation. Implementing the changes typically has an effect on the operation of both the client organisation and the company providing the outsourcing service. A well-planned, joint implementation of the process is usually the best possible approach. We offer our support in all stages of change implementation – we generate opportunities for joint success.

Analysing the productivity of current operations and recognising the operations that must be reorganised or outsourced.

  • Specifying a short- and long-term vision and planning a business model and personnel structure based on this vision.
  • Specifying the quality criteria.
  • Assessing the risks and planning, support, and guidance of risk management.
  • Planning, support, and guidance of the transition, integration, and transformation stages.

Expertise by business area:

  • health and social care
  • customer service and order processing
  • bank and insurance sector
  • ICT sector

Our range of services can provide you with the service for assessing the optimal solution as well as the solutions to be implemented:

  • analysis services
  • consulting services
  • pension risk consulting
  • service centre solutions
  • event services
  • ICT service solutions